Submit Command

Undyingkite -> ACT
Submit a command here!
Please be sure to Read the ABOUT page before doing so.
Please keep in mind to keep Commands spoiler free.
And remember, characters can and will ignore you if they don’t like what you’re trying to do/say.

Command Types
FIGHT ->  Attack
ACT ->  Preform an action
CHECK ->  Inspect something/someone
ITEM ->  Use an Item
MERCY ->  Spare or Flee
TALK -> Say/Ask anything ( select few can hear you )
CO͏̧Ń̸N͠͡E̸C͞T̷͟͝ ̡̛Ţ̛Ǫ ҉̛V̸̡O͏͝I͟D́͜ -> Send support from the void….? ( success is low )