Characters (WIP)


  • Lycoris is BLIND and (selectively) MUTE , so they converse via ASL, GESTURES and BODY LANGUAGE.
  • These are narrated and/or translated through Rose.
  • Lycoris can speak, but because of a past injury it is painful, and their voice comes out as robotic and unnatural.
  • Lycoris’ speech text is RED.
  • Lycoris can “see” magic and living things somewhat via a strong 6th senseThey are completely blind to everything else however, so it’s for the most part rather useless, especially indoors, but does not mean Lycoris doesn’t have other ways to move around safely. Rose generally acts as Guide and Narrator. (sometimes to Lycoris’ annoyance)



  • This is a 1st run , Rose is currently uncorrupted from kills and thus, not loco.
  • Rose’s speech text is WHITE
  • Rose is capable of feeling emotion, although certain emotions like Love, Compassion, and Hope are currently lost to them.
  • Rose can be heavily influenced by Lycoris’ feelings due to being connected to their SOUL, for good or bad. 
  • Rose can hold, eat, talk and interact with things, but their strength is greatly limited. They currently cannot block magic, nor attack.