Void: Give Gifts

Cheezeguyloz -> CO͏̧Ń̸N͠͡E̸C͞T̷͟͝ ̡̛Ţ̛Ǫ ҉̛V̸̡O͏͝I͟D́͜
Sending small sewing kit for repair of clothes, and two rolls of bandages to be used as needed.
I fear this world may be more hostile than some of us are used to.

Random Dood -> CHECK

An_pegiun -> FIGHT
Just, a little bit? Don’t kill them, please! But just enough to help you get away! It’s self defence! You don’t have a choice… right?
Aurora Celestia -> FIGHT
I’m sorry but I think you have to FIGHT, but don’t worry, you don’t have to kill.
See if FIGHTing until they’re reluctant to FIGHT you works.
kirien-isamu -> FIGHT
There appears to be to many to handle peacefully at the same time. Be careful to not kill them however.
If you fight until you almost defeat them, they might not want to fight anymore.

* That never really came to mind… and no one asked what you had on hand.
* You would normally need supplies to safely climb a mountain, huh…
* (Safety wasn’t really a concern of mine when I came…..)
* Maybe there’s something useful in the stuff you brought.

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