Lycoris: Wake up

Star Buchi -> TALK
Don’t give up, Lycoris
You can stand up, have determination!
Shadow -> TALK
Lycoris ! Lycoris please awake ! *start to cry*
I’m sorry ok ! I-i was sure that someone will came, that someone will hepl you !
*fall on these knees and cry a lot* I… I don’t wand to see you kill. But I don’t want to see you die either ! WHAT CAN I DO ?!! I want to help you, but I don’t know how…
King Petros -> TALK
Hello? Are you still there? I know it is hard, but you must stay determined.
Alex -> TALK
Lycoris! You have to stay determined! You can’t give up… You are the future of humans and monsters…
Dak -> ACT
Wake up


Artemis -> ACT
LOAD. Take a deep breath. Take several deep breaths, actually.
Calm down, clear your mind, deal with your anger and your hurt and how you died, but please, don’t take it out on the monsters. They don’t deserve it.


* ……………
* I’ll go… grab the candy again while the kid calms down.
* The pain will take a short bit to subside.
* Thankfully the time between their last save was short this time.
* I doubt we’ll be so lucky if they catch us again.

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