Lycoris: Take some candy!

Kirien-Isamu-> ACT
Why not take some free candy, it could be usefull.

TrueInfinimine -> TALK
What’s Lycoris’ opinion of the ruins?
I know they have trouble seeing but they probably still have a sense of the place
Anonymous -> TALK
Are you guys handling the puzzles okay?

Anonymous -> TALK
You know what time it is? IT’S TIME FOR TRAPS

Anonymous -> TALK
Can’t you do that clicking thing with your cane or tongue to sense large, nearby obstacles?
Through echolocation?
I’ve seen people Who aren’t even blind and 
are able to do that.
(Not to mention how we can hear footsteps or the 
disruption of air flow.)

* I don’t remember there being leaves down there…
* Guess mom set it up in case someone fell?
* Kinda defeats the whole point of the traps though.

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