Ghost: Introduction to you new life(?)

Anonymous -> TALK
Hello Chara, and welcome to the world Of arguably-functionable sociopaths!
Based purely on my own experiences, you should expect about a year or two
coming to terms with the fact that you now have an instinctive disregard for
human, monster, plant, animal-generally all life save your own,
followed by a period of 3 to 5 years of clinical depression brought on by the moral dilemmas
you face and occasionally lashing out at people!
Have fun!

Anonymous -> ACT
Okay, let’s just take this calmly one step at a time, ghost.
You can still feel and that is good.
No one knows what is happening; so let’s not jump to any conclusions on the topic of love.
Just help the Kid out for the time being.
Anonymous -> ACT
Ghost Kid, CALM DOWN.
I understand you’re horribly confused about all of this, but for right now, there are just too many questions left unanswered.
I’m not saying to just forget about them (’cause that only makes things worse), but just leave them for another day.
You’ll figure it all out eventually, I’m sure.
Anyway, you have other things to attend to in the meantime.
Namely, the human.
Anonymous -> ACT
Hey ghost, I think you better folow the human and Toriel, maybe you’ll find out
what happened

* My last save was before I ate the buttercups, in case it all went south..
* I guess our plan was doomed from the very start.

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