Rose: Explain how to Load a Save

Nahte123456> TALK
So if you needed to urgently load for some reason,
you’d have to kill yourselves to do it?

Anonymous -> TALK
Human, you can’t trust the monsters.
The flower already lied to you, and the ghost may be lying as well.
Free the world from their presence.
litosns -> TALK
Frisk. I have a tip for your journey.
Whatever you do do not kill any monster.
They aren’t evil. They are just misunderstood. Remember.
If you ACT a certain way, or weaken a monster, they will lose interest in fighting you.
If they feel like not fighting you, use some MERCY Frisk.
There may be time where ACTING may seem futile, but that doesn’t mean that the monster can’t be SPARED.
Just keep on sparing them, until they give up.
Whatever happens. STAY DETERMINED.

*  ( …………)
*  ( You seem to be considering your options….)

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