Human: Recieve Support from the Void

Anonymous -> CO͏̧Ń̸N͠͡E̸C͞T̷͟͝ ̡̛Ţ̛Ǫ ҉̛V̸̡O͏͝I͟D́͜ 
Behold, human, The Divining Stick of The Ancients!
Cut from the wood of the 
blessed tree Telperion by the great carpenter of Micheal,
the archangel 
himself, and blessed by the thousand sages of the High King Petros!
Bear it 
wisely; for while it shall be your constant companion through the underground, it holds great power locked away in its bark.

Anonymous -> CO͏̧Ń̸N͠͡E̸C͞T̷͟͝ ̡̛Ţ̛Ǫ ҉̛V̸̡O͏͝I͟D́͜ 
*chucks tub of coffee ice cream at Chara’s head*
Seavalan-> CO͏̧Ń̸N͠͡E̸C͞T̷͟͝ ̡̛Ţ̛Ǫ ҉̛V̸̡O͏͝I͟D́͜
*Sends ghost chocolate through time and space to the ghost.*
Here you go!
Savor it, ghosts don’t get much chocolate.
Grabnok-Destra -> CO͏̧Ń̸N͠͡E̸C͞T̷͟͝ ̡̛Ţ̛Ǫ ҉̛V̸̡O͏͝I͟D́͜ 
Well, sorry there Ghost. I don’t think chocolate is an option for you anymore.
But! *rummages through sack* l might have. *pulls out Spooky Chocolate*
GHOST CHOCOLATE! *attempts to give to Ghost*


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